Best Tips To Turn Your Apps Into Money Machines

Tips To Turn Your Apps Into Money Machines

Therefore, you have the following idea for the following large mobile application. You just can not wait to break into the market with this amazing app. It’s unique and will become a talk about the world of worldfree4umovie mobile applications. But, are you really ready to take the plunge?

We are talking about cash flow treasures in !!!

Have you made a plan based on concrete facts? Do you have a good idea of ​​the demographics of your target market? If this is not the case, your big plan may just crash and one of them will certainly take advantage of your idea to be hijacked and turned into profitable.

Do you know the number of apps in the App Store? This figure is a huge 1.5 million, which is enough to flood any new application into oblivion. However, do not worry. Since you’ve targeted your app carefully to reach the best smartphone users, your app will rise above everything.

According to recent Nielsen figures on the US smartphone user market, 71% of the total American population uses the smartphone regularly. The trend is much higher in the lower age group. If we look at the wise division of age, 85 percent of the population aged 18 to 24 in America are smart phone users. This figure is 86.2% when we consider users aged 25 to 34 years old.

But, why should we consider these age groups? This part not only spends a lot of time using various applications but also has the money to spend.

Going back to study about the time users spent in the United States in various types of entertainment applications, we find that more than 10 hours we just spent playing games by someone in America. The total monthly usage of recreational applications by each American is 13 hours and 20 minutes exactly.

While Nielsen focused on the overall average, looking closely at the 18-24 age group, the figure is 37 hours more than every month spent playing games by an individual.

Any good marketing administrator will take a single look at this figure and say that this is the ideal user base that is targeted when launching any new app in the App Store.

However, for your app to be successful, it must attract a chord with this group of users. So what do these young people care about? Here is a list of the five most important points you should keep in mind.

  1. Simple, easy, convenient, functional

What comes to mind when you think of very successful apps? Instagram, Uber, Watts Ab, and others I think. What is the common between these? all of these –

  • easy to use
  • You have a simple and attractive interface
  • It can be installed properly, removed and used without delay
  • Highly functional as it helps in accomplishing their mission

Also, it happens to be one of a kind when launched. Targeted a specific issue faced by young people and offered the best solutions.

  1. Be original

Originality is the key to becoming viral. People want something new. With 1.5 billion applications seeking attention, it will take a unique idea to attract attention.

Do I need a completely original idea?

What if I can not think of anything that does not already exist?

Do not worry. Simply put, you can use a wonderful application and make it better. Is not this one way to develop market-leading applications?

Heard of Heck Messenger? It gives competition to another giant like Whatsapp in the Indian market. While there was no official statement on that, but many developers believe it is popular with Hike with the feature of sending files to other users that prompted Whatsapp to integrate the same functionality.

  1. Focus on function

Do not violate the application that is considered Jack of all kinds of commerce, yet he does not mastered anything. No one likes her, especially the group she will target. Those between the ages of 18 and 34 know what they want. Focus on one job.

Your application should be the best in business for what it does. Even if you’re running a music app, make sure it’s the best in all respects and provide all the options users want.

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