Buy PlayerUnknowns BattleGround and start Playing Competitive with Squads

PlayerUnknowns BattleGround

PlayerUnknowns Battleground, is a game that’s rooted in the original concept of Battle Royale. Ever since games like H1Z1 came out, the Battle Royale format has really started taking hold in the gaming community. It was a fun concept, with a large number of players on a single map, fighting it out to survive till the last man standing. PUBG, borrowing heavily from such elements has come out to be one of the highest played games in the gaming community. Many players buy PUBG as they start to play either of their own accord, or they just want to play with their friends. PUBG has all the fun elements of the classic Battle Royale mode, save the fact that it has a lot better settings, graphics and gameplay mechanics that can be only described as ‘modern’.

If you recently chose to buy PlayerUnknowns Battleground, then you would have probably got thrown into the mix of online PUBG gameplay that almost everyone is right now, engaged in. However, like all multiplayer games, PUBG too is no stranger to a dearth of competitive gaming. There already have been quite a few successful tournaments where PUBG teams from all over the world have entered and participated. The most recent one being PGI Berlin which had a price money of 1 Million Dollars. This advent of competitive gaming in PUBG is only in its initial stages and will only grow as time passes by.  As such, it is not too late for you to hop right in if you want to try playing competitive and maybe going professional with it.

How to Start Playing Competitively in the Game After Choosing to Buy PUBG and Practicing?

Assuming you’re not entirely new to the concept of playing PUBG, one of the most key gaming skills you must have developed, is to play in a Squad with your friends or gaming contacts. Squad gameplay is completely different, and you must know how to play with 3 other players linked with you, aside from your own Solo gameplay. There are a lot of tenets that must be followed so that you are able to play competitive in sync with each other.

  • Give Precise Call Outs:

PUBG, as an open – world game, offers settings that require you to fight on open fields and in large scenarios. As a result, you’ll often find yourself pushing, running and fighting in such situations a lot. Now, before you are engaging with an enemy, or if you have spotted an enemy, one of the most important things for you to do is to give a call out to your squad. This way, your team will know about the enemy’s general direction, and will be able to assist you or respond as needed. You can do this by looking towards the enemy and giving the most precise coordinates from the above compass and direction bar you have on your screen.

  • Share and Survive:

Unlike Solo PUBG games, when you choose to buy PlayerUnknowns Battleground you need to share your loot while in Squad to survive. When looking to play professionally, you would need all of your Squad mates alive and making an impact while playing together. So, it only makes sense that you share the loot that you have acquired. One of your squad mates might require some healing items, some ammo, a weapon that you have, etc. By giving it to them, you will not only empower them to perform better, but also develop trust and game – sense that is vital for you to survive till the end with your PUBG squad alone.

When it comes to playing Squad Matches in PlayerUnknowns Battleground, these are two of the most important tips that players should understand and follow. It will not only help them improve their squad – based gameplay, but also give them that extra bit required to start showing up on professional games and winning competitive matches.

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