List of Top 9 Places in Alibaug You Cannot Afford to Miss

9 Places in Alibaug

Alibaug, which is just a three-hour drive from the city of Mumbai, is a perfect spot for a weekend getaway from Pune and Mumbai. This is a seaside town on the Konkan coast and has some of the beautiful white sandy beaches that you can find in India. If you are on the western region of India, then this place must be on your bucket list owing to its offbeat places of historic interest and its stunning coastline. Apart from the ancient forts and white sandy beaches, Alibaug is also famous for its traditional culture that it withholds till date. There are some divine synagogues (originating from the Jewish invasion) and beautiful temples that one can visit.

Alibaug hotel prices are quite reasonable and affordable without burning a hole in our pockets. So, pack your bags right away as we have your itinerary ready for places you should not miss while in Alibaug!

Beth El Jewish Synagogue

This Synagogue is located 20 kilometres from Alibaug in a place called Chaul. It is almost 100 years old and this structure is inspired by the Konkani style of architecture. Many Jews from all over the country visit this synagogue to offer prayers and receive blessings of the lord. You can learn a lot about Jewism if you visit this synagogue.

Karmakar Museum

The Karmakar museum houses about 150 beautiful sculptures hand crafted by Late Mr.Nanasaheb Karmakar and is located 18 kilometres away from the town on the Alibaug-Rewas road. This museum is open throughout the week with an entry fee of just Rs.5/- per person! The experience you take back from this museum is worth much more than the entry fee.

Lady of Mount Carmel  

The Lady of Mount Carmel Church was built in the year 1741 and is situated 15 kilometres from Kashid beach, in a village called Korlai. The people of Korlai speak a unique language called ‘Creole’ which is a combination of Portuguese and Marathi. There is also a beautiful beach with a lighthouse and a fort in Korlai that you can visit other than the church.

Kashid Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Alibaug is the Kashid beach where you can also swim and play in the ocean and watch a mesmerising sunset from the shore. The white sandy beaches that you find here in this beach is like no other beach in India. The coconut trees that are lined on the beach gives you a feeling of Kerala – “God’s own country”. They also have hammocks tied between the trees where you can sit and relax and enjoy the ocean. Once you step outside of the beach there are many food stalls out of which Pani puris are the best! Alibaug hotel prices are quite affordable when it comes to the cottages surrounding the beach area. If you are a seafood lover, do not miss to dine at the awesome restaurants in this area.

Kanakeshwar Temple  

The Kanakeshwar temple is an old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and this temple is located 3 kilometres from Kihim. There are about 700 teps that youhave to climb in order to reach the temple as it is located at an altitude of 1000 feet on a hill. The view of sunrise from the temple is so beautiful for which you will have to begin climbing early morning to witness it.

Birla Temple  

The Birla temple is located in a beautiful quaint village called Salav and it attracts a lot of tourists. This temple too is built in pure white marble just as same as its counterparts all over the country. The Aarti that takes place every morning is considered very sacred. This temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and the speciality is that ‘Riddhi’ and ‘Siddhi’ are on the sides of the Lord in this temple.

Janjira fort

This fort which is about 55 kilometres away from Alibaug is believed to be constructed a fisherman in order to protect the town from Pirates who may attack the villages. Hence this fort was built at a height of 40 feet. the towers in the fort are stocked with guns which backs this story of its origin. There is also a small lake in the centre of the fort which is beautiful to see.

 Kihim Beach

although Kashid beach is the most beautiful, Kihim beach can be termed as the most happening beaches because of the various water sports activities that adventure lovers can do here such as jet skiing, banana boat rides, parasailing and other activities. There are beautiful flowers and coconut trees surrounding the beach.

On the whole, Alibaug, which is just a 3-hour drive from Mumbai city can serve as a mini Goa for a quick weekend getaway or for an inexpensive holiday because Alibaug hotel prices are quite affordable by all classes of people.

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