For two or more studios set up, there would be a provision for further mixing which is provided by a control console manned by engineers. Such control console is known as switching console. Broad functions of switching console in control room are as follows,

  • Switching of different sources for transmission like News, O.Bs, other satellite based relays, live broadcast from recording studio.
  • Level equalization and level control
  • Quality monitoring
  • Signaling to the source location
  • Communication link between control room and different studios

If a single transmitter is to be supplied with a programme, facility for master switching is not required, however when many transmitters are simultaneously being supplied with different programmes or the programmes to be fed to a single transmitter is periodically changing, a switching facility becomes necessary and is provided by Master Switching Console. To understand the requirements of a Master Switching Console, an example of feeding of two transmitters from any one of six sources is needed.

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