No-Fail Summer Songs That Will Complete Your Beach Vacation

Beach Vacation

Summer in Australia means going to the beach with friends, sporting your swimwear, swimming, sunbathing, flaunting your body powered by organic food store products, and hours of partying. Typical Australian beach parties always include some drinking and endless music playing. Summer music has always been a staple inclusion to any beach party Australian style.

If you are going to a beach party anytime soon and you want to impress your friends with your good selection for music, then you would want to know some of the best summer songs as determined by seasoned music experts. Just a reminder: the songs below are not the usual contemporary pop songs, they are more of classics.

“Hot Fun in the Summertime” by Sly and the Family Stone – During the late 1960s, the in thing was going the beach and having some endless parties. The music of Sly and the Family Stone was one of the biggest hits during 1969, depicting the lifestyle of many youth that time. With their hit “Hot in the Summertime”, the band gave new meaning to the term beach party.

“Rockaway Beach” by The Ramones – A band that is known for being one of the iconic punk groups to emerge in the 1970s is The Ramones. Today, the band’s music is not only reserved for punk-loving listeners but beach party-goers as well. According to Rolling Stone magazine, the band’s “Rockaway Beach” is one of the go-to music pieces of beach party people. With the song’s theme revolving around hitching your way to the beach, this music is definitely a fine choice if you are going to throw a beach party.

“California Girls” by The Beach Boys – Taking clue from the band’s name, The Beach Boys is known for creating surf rock music in the 1960s. The band is still very active in the concert scene, performing in different solo concerts in different countries, sealing the band’s reputation for being ageless. The band’s “California Girls” was one of their biggest hits. The song easily tackles the theme of California summer beaches, making it a cool for a beach party anywhere in the world.

“School’s Out” by Alice Cooper – Simply one of the best known rock singers of all time, Alice Cooper has made a name for himself as the standard-bearer of the shock and glam rock genre. His hit song “School’s Out” has become the anthem of the youth who wanted to take a time-off from the suffocating customs of the society. “The few minutes waiting for that final school bell to ring are so intense that when it happens, it’s almost orgasmic,” with such line, the song has also become the go-to music of beach party-goers.

“Summertime Blues” by Eddie Cochran – Rockabilly has become a prominent rock genre during the 1950s, and Eddie Cochran was one of the responsible artists for such trend. His song “Summertime Blues” depicts teen angst and boredom, which is a good combination for a summer song. The song is definitely one of the more popular summer songs during the 1950s and up until now.

“Dancing in the Street” by Martha and the Vandellas – When this song plays, there this imperative call to go out to the street and to dance for hours. Because of this, the Rolling Stone magazine has identified this Martha and the Vandellas’ hit as the most apt summer song of all time. This is a no surprise choice since it has notable party-jam lyrics and distinct beats.

Before you hit the beach for an Australian party, don’t forget to update your playlist first, bring with you your swimwear, and of course, your party vibes. Also, don’t forget to bring organic food store items to fuel your body. However, keep in mind that if you will be drinking, then you should not drive.

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