Relieve cough with torex

Relieve cough

Torex is a kind if cough syrup which can relieve the mucus when one is suffering from excessive cough problems and breathing troubles.

One can take torex syrup in the duration and dose that is only prescribed by the doctor. One also needs to check the bottle label and get aware of the direction of use. It is easy to measure with the cup which is provided with the bottle and then take it orally. One also needs to shake the syrup before using it. This torex cough syrup is actually taken with or without food and it is a good idea to intake it every day at a fixed time.

How this works

This cough syrup is actually a combination of 4 medicines. They are:

  • Diphenhydramine
  • Terpin hydrate
  • Ammonium chloride
  • Sodium citrate

The Diphenhydramine is a kind of an anti allergic which can relieve one from many allergic symptoms like watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing. On the other hand the ammonium chloride and the terpin hydrate are the ones which can actually decrease the stickiness of phlegm and mucus and it can also remove the blockage from the airway. The sodium citrate can loosen the mucus and it makes one easier to cough.

When one is taking torex syrup then there are a few things to be kept in mind:

  • One should not intake alcohol in the course because this combination can bring in some excessive drowsiness.
  • This cough syrup is not at all recommendable when one is pregnant. This is because it can have a significant effect on the foetus and so one can have them in pregnancy only if the gynaecologists advise them to do so.
  • Even when one is lactating, they need to ask their doctors if they can have the cough syrup or not.
  • One should not drive immediately after having the cough syrup because this can decrease alertness and increase some sleepiness in an individual.
  • If one has a kidney disease then they should not have this cough syrup because it is unsafe.

When one is having this cough syrup, then need to drink some extra fluid (juice or water) which can lubricate the throat and help in loosening the congestion that can happen with the medication. This torex cough syrup can lead to some extra sleepiness or dizziness. So, it is always a good idea to have them at night before going to sleep. One should not do any work which needs a lot of concentration after having this syrup. When one is diabetic then they need to monitor the glucose level in the blood regularly when they are taking this medicine. One should also consult the doctor before taking this syrup if they have heart diseases.

There can be some side effects of this medicine as well. They are vomiting, nausea and some stomach pain. In some rare cases, one can also get some allergic reactions and then one can go for medical help.

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