Skills Required to Become an SAP Consultant

SAP Consultant

You cannot become an SAP consultant from a fresher in just an overnight’s span. To become an SAP consultant, you need a lot of dedication, commitment, expertise and efforts as there are no shortcuts available for it. There are some people who have done a crash course in SAP to become a consultant, however, they get limited only to the papers. You need to enrol in a complete course for SAP where you can learn from the experts, get an opportunity to interact with reputed consultants, understand the demands of the job and get accustomed to adapt to new situations on the go.

To become an SAP Consultant, the major traits that you need is a good education, thorough business process knowledge, reading ability, understanding the basic business needs and mastering the configuration skills. These skills are broadly discussed below.

  1. Good Education: The workforce of SAP lays a great foundation of a knowledge-based profession. Therefore, just by being a graduate or an MBA, you are not fit to become a consultant. You will need to enrol in a professional course of SAP from any of the reputed institutes where you can train yourself to get a job in this industry. If you are already a management accountant or a chartered accountant, then becoming an SAP consultant is going to be a bit easier for you.
  2. Business Process Knowledge: The world of SAP revolves around business process and knowledge where you clearly need to know about the business activities that are on-going in your organization. You need to be aware of the production, planning, purchase, returns, credit and debit transactions, procurement, banking operations and cash flow statement of your company. To get an idea about all these activities, you will require some time to establish a good base.
  3. Configuration Skills: This is a very important skill which you need to master in if you want to become a consultant. You need to configure and follow the end user documents or business processes to gain confidence. Practice as much as you can by exploring options and enriching your troubleshooting skills. You need to understand the impact of a product from the users’ point of view.
  4. SAP Help: Treat the SAP help like a bible as it is written by experts. It will help you in gaining conceptual clarity and enhance your skill and knowledge about SAP. The bible may seem huge, but reading it on a daily basis will benefit you immensely.
  5. SAP Community Network: These are forums where you can interact with other SAP consultants or trainees and learn more about SAP through various articles, blogs and videos. You can always contribute to the forum or learn something new from others by establishing a concrete network.
  6. SAP Best Practices Building Blocks: If you have no idea where to start from, refer to best practices building blocks for getting overviews, business processes and configuration documents in the form of the guide available across countries.

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