Treatment with stem cells for autism

stem cells therapy for autism

The body mechanism is very strong, and in many cases, the body itself fights the affecting factors that can help it stay healthy. The moment immunity system of the human body is compromised one may feel sick and rush to the doctor who can help one restore the health and get back to normal status. One of such health issues is the Autism. Autism spectrum disorder or it is simply called as autism tends to be found in the broad spectrum of a lot of disorders of complicated childhood, which is responsible for mild to extreme impairment caused to the normal development of the brain of the child. It can be called commonly as a sort of neurological disorder cropping up at the time of the initial three years of the child’s life accompanying with a trail of limitations happening to the mental capabilities, for example, repetitive behavior, social communication, social interaction or flex thinking because of some unprocessed sensory information. So, in a nutshell, any Autistic child tends to be a child having certain special requirements which are able to be addressed in an extremely special manner and that too by an expert only.

Reasons accountable for Autism

However, due to escalating occurrence, it tends to be very hard to say how this autism brain is so distinct from any normal brain. However, a lot of theories do have come up reading that no single reason is able to be held responsible for its prevalence, researchers do connect it with certain environmental as well as genetic issues. It has come to fore that several children having some hereditary genetic formation are born to be at the risk of autism, but on the other hand a lot of studies have revealed that several causes such as allergies, exposure to chemicals, metabolic imbalances, viral infection, alcohol intake, drug abuse, smoking, etc. at the time of pregnancy may be reasons to give rise to abnormal structural development of brain.

The scientific reason to utilize stem cells for treating autism

The latest investigative therapies needed for treating autism endeavor hard to turn round such abnormalities by way of administering some antibiotics, hyperbaric oxygen, and anti-inflammatory. Regrettably, not any of such measures deal with treating cause responsible for the deprivation of oxygen and also the reason of intestinal inflammation.

The reason accountable for addressing autism by means of umbilical cord tissue or referred to as mesenchymal stem cells of derived nature can be said to be that this autism along with its extent of intensity tends to be imperatively linked inflammatory as well as some neuroinflammatory cytokines that take in MDC – macrophage- chemokine of derived nature and also TARC – thymus plus activation-regulated chemokine. Some intravenous giving of MSCs or umbilical cord brings fore that in certain manifold clinical trials minimizes condition of inflammation. Due to lessening inflammation in the patients with autism tends to ease signs of this autism. Patients with this disease need not worry because stem cells therapy for autism in India is easily possible.

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